Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What Would Reva Do?

I'll admit it - as positive as I try to keep things, sometimes I just have a crappy day.

Today was crappy.

Then suddenly, just now, it's as if a light went on.

A Guiding Light.

And I thought to myself.....


Reva Shayne is/was a sassy Hot Mama from Springfield who had a way of living her life with gusto, to say the least. Now I'm no Reva Shayne, mind you, but I'm sassy. I'm definitely a Hot Mama O Rama (and have the business cards to prove it). All I'm missing is the red dress.

It seems that whenever Reva would wear a red dress, she'd get into a bit of trouble. Made her a little more devilish, take more chances. Sometimes she'd end up in a fountain. Sometimes she'd end up married. Sometimes she'd end up driving off a bridge in the Florida Keys. Sometimes she'd end up in an Amish village asking people to call her Rebecca.

OK - wait a minute.......maybe it's not a good idea to ask "What would Reva do?" least not today. Let's see....

How about "What would Harley do?" Harley Cooper was spunky beyond spunky with spunk to spare. She didn't take any crap from anyone. Especially any of her husbands (4 of them? 5?), she turned into a superhero for a day, and her eyes glowed......

OK....maybe Harley isn't the best idea either. Let's see.....

How about "What would Dinah do?" Dinah spent her childhood being brought up in a Circus (no offense to my parents, but in a way I can relate to that), only to spend her teenage years partying it up, then went to college in Paris. I like Paris! Then she came back to Springfield to marry Roger but secretly date his son....and, um, she ruined some lives and everyone hated her........

So on second thought, maybe if Dinah, Harley and Reva had asked themselves "What would Lauren do?", their fictional lives would have ended up very differently, for the better.

As for me, I guess I'm back where I started. But at least I haven't had 8 husbands, or gotten amnesia and lived in an Amish village, or married my true love's father to plot revenge, or gotten super powers from the lighthouse, or anything like that.

So I guess all in all, I'm doing OK in the EJ.

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