Monday, April 9, 2012

Nerual Day

I'm a talker. Shocked?

I've always been a very sensitive, emotional person who, if faced with a situation that I find troubling, talks everything out to solve it. I have never really asked my friends of family if they appreciate this quality, or find it extremely annoying. No matter, really, because it is who I am. It's not like I can change it - I've been this way since birth and it's not goin' anywhere. Love me, love my worst qualities, as well as my best.

Which got me to thinking, what if I went against my natural instincts for, oh, I don't know, 4 or 5 days? What if my gut told me to do one thing, and I did just the opposite? I wonder what would be the reaction of my friends, my boys, my family (who I think, knowing this, will be thrilled to not live near me during this time), and my poor husband, who has to put up with the brunt of it? And what, exactly, would be involved?

Maybe I should make it a 3 day long experiment, as 4 or 5 days really would be difficult to get through. I don't want to lose friends, after all....they are my friends because of Lauren, not Nerual.

Nerual, I just decided this second, is the name of Opposite Lauren.

So let's say 3 days. Or 2.

Maybe 1. Let's start with 1.

So today is Nerual day. Let's see how we get through it. I'll let you all know what happens....wish me luck!

Well, wish Sean luck.

So far I'm not ok with this AT ALL. Diana, who I love, just posted a wonderful compliment on my FB page and I told her to suck it. Total opposite of what I would normally do. I'm EXTREMELY uncomfortable. I think I may refrain from commenting on FB today....this is going to be really hard.....(that's what she said - HAHAHAHA!)...

So the experiment is a complete failure, for a couple of reasons.

1. I did nothing today but laundry. I guess Nerual would have blown off the laundry, but that's what Lauren does sometimes, and it had to get done.

2. The only one around here to talk to is the dog. What am I gonna do, not pat the dog?

So it was a total bust. Maybe I'll save it for a time when I have plans with actual people. Or maybe I'll just skip it altogether - life's too short for Nerual.


  1. Glad I decided to check the blog...

    1. My husband Sean, ladies and gentlemen!