Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thanks from a Flailing Octopus

I started doing Zumba a while ago - 2 months maybe?  Well I had tried it before then but there were a couple of problems:  (1) the class I took was basically "zumba light", as well described by my friend Lisa and (2) I wasn't consistent with it.  Wanna know why?  Imagine an octopus trying to dance.  You know how all-over-the-place an octopus is when it moves?  That was (is?) me doing zumba.  Really.  I swear everyone was looking at me and laughing.  I couldn't do 2 things at once - like when I finally figured out what my feet were supposed to be doing, I realized my hands and arms were supposed to be something too...then by the time I figured that out my feet refused to cooperate.  Then on to the next move, where it started all over again.

Also, as soon as I figured out a move to the right, there we had to go and do it to the left.  At first I could not go to the left.  Seriously.  It just wasn't happening.

And don't even get me started about my hips - they were locked like fort knox.

Well thankfully my friends, who were sick of watching their friend Lauren flail like a spastic octopus, brought me to Reyvan and Tory, two amazing women who exude positive energy.  I'm sure on the inside, they were laughing like crazy watching me try to coordinate these ridiculous all-over-the-place limbs, but they told me to stick with it.  And as I learned their routines (or I should say started to learn their routines, as I am still learning them), I got more confident, and could actually move my feet AND my arms at the same time.  ME!  Imagine that!  And wanna know the crazy thing about confidence?  It unlocks your hips.  I swear.  It should be documented in some medical journal somewhere, and they should call the phenomenon "The Lauren".

In any case, I now go to each instructor twice a week (that's 4 classes a week people - ME!  4 classes a week!!!), and I officially fit into my smallest size jeans.

So THANK YOU Reyvan and Tory - I'm so glad I've made 2 new friends who kick my ass and gave me a forum to shake it.  LOVE YOU LADIES.

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