Thursday, April 12, 2012

50 Shades of OMG!!!

WARNING!!! This post may contain TOTALLY CONTAINS some inappropriate material.

OK - who is reading 50 Shades of Grey?!?! It's bat-shit crazy I tell ya!

My bookclub is reading this book and when my friend J (I thought it best to not use her name here!) suggested it to the group, she described it as "Mommy porn". It was immediately approved. I thought "How bad could it be?".


We're talkin' full blown page after page of explicit dirty sex. Seriously. It's shocking! I was waiting outside my kid's school to pick him up, reading the book in my car, and I got nervous that someone would see me reading it. I turn red if anyone near me mentions it. I'm getting flushed right now writing about it! I'm telling you - it's lots and lots of sex sex sex.

And it's selling like crazy.  Duh.

Everyone is talking about it.  Text messages are being passed around all day:

"Just read the part with the balls"  (please don't get confused - these are silver weighted balls)
"They would make great party favors!"
"Oh my - I haven't gotten there yet but I'm intrigued"
"Just got to the good part last night - yikes!"
"The good parts don't seem to stop"

And it's true - they don't seem to stop.

And the fact that this book is sold out everywhere, and it is being pre-sold as it is being re-printed, tells me a few things about us women these days:

  1. We are oversexed maniacs
  2. We are not gettin' enough at home (although this book helps - tmi?)
  3. We are not ashamed of enjoying ourselves!

I think all 3 are probably true.

And by the way, that girl in the book who has the big O every single time?  Yeah, I believe that just about as much as I believe in vampires.

So if you want to see me turn 50 shades of blushed, go ahead and mention this book anywhere near me.  I'm telling you, I flush immediately.

Did I mention it's a trilogy?  I don't know if I can handle it!!!

(I think I can handle it.)



  1. Dear Lauren,
    I am on the second book and I am not ashamed ;)

  2. Hmmm. that book club meeting should be interesting! BTW, my sister gave me a book shortly after I graduated from college that she had enjoyed so much she thought I might. It was called VOX, and it was essentially one very long phone sex conversation. Seriously, no chapters, just sex on and on. I never asked why she shared it with me. Anyway, I STILL have it, it was that good! I dunno, might not be hard-core (pun? I'm not sure) enough for you...just in case you find you need / want more of this genre!