Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hot Mama O Rama on a Budget

So now that I don't have a job we are watching every penny.  This is something I am used to; Sean started his own business just before the economy crashed and we've been digging out of the hole ever since.  But no worries - I really do try to look at the positive side of everything and this is just another fabulous opportunity to do so.  YIPEE!!!  Lucky me!!!   : /

Which got me to thinking, if we suddenly had a million dollars, what would we do with it?  I'm pretty sure it wouldn't last long - between getting a new roof, replacing the carpeting with wood floors, building that expansion we keep dreaming of, and putting money away for the boys' college, the money would disappear pretty quickly.  But what if we won the lottery and suddenly had RIDICULOUS amounts of money?

  • I would cure autism - duh!
  • I would cure type 1 diabetes
  • I would make sure there are no hungry people in Vermont
  • I would buy a fabulous Hawaii beach house and fly all our friends there

Don't even get me started on the shoes I would buy...and the Diane Von Furstenberg and Oscar de la Renta dresses I would buy....

Gosh, it's SO HARD to be a Hot Mama O Rama on a budget!  I think it's time to shop in my closet.  Does anyone else do this?  Sort through your closet to see exactly what you have, and wear things you haven't worn in forever?  It's like buying a new outfit except it's free.  Is this a Lauren thing or an I-don't-have-shopping-money-and-need-to-find-cute-clothes thing?

And with the love and care I have put into creating my shoe inventory, I can wear a new pair every day for quite some time.

What would YOU do with ridiculous amounts of money?  Sigh.....a girl can dream.....


  1. Every kid in VT would learn how to ski or snowboard.....have I mentioned how much I love you and your blog? xo Aimee