Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Want Just One Night

Remember that play group I was a part of when TJ was a baby?  Those amazing ladies who held me up when TJ was diagnosed with autism?  Well, all of those babies are graduating from 8th grade and heading for High School.

We blinked and here we are.

I am amazed at the pictures of these lovely and handsome young ladies and gentlemen I am seeing on Facebook.  They grew up before our eyes, didn't they?  And it is a wonderful thing to celebrate how far they have come, and to anticipate the next chapter.

I am thrilled for these families.  I love all these ladies and these kids, no matter how much time passes without our seeing each other.

And I am also reminded, as I prepare my TJ for his own graduation (or "Promotion Night" as the school calls it), that we may not get to celebrate like these other families can.

I started planning this about a month ago, asking TJ's teacher (who I love) to write out and explain to him what Promotion Night will look like.

We talk about it in preparation.  What he will wear.  Where he will sit (not with us).  What he will be asked to do.

And while I feel like we have prepared him the best that we can, there is no guarantee that he will make it.  He has a history of not making it through special nights at school.  Middle school open house.  4th grade chorus performance.  2nd grade arts night.

And I hate to sound selfish.  Really, I do.  I know I should say "We will be happy to do whatever he needs us to do."  I will, of course, but maybe not so happily.

I really, really want him to make it through the ceremony.  And not just for him.

I want one school night to be drama free.  I want one school night without my stomach doing backflips.  I want one school night where TJ is ok.

For him, and for us.  We all deserve it.

Is that awful to say?  Awful or not, it's real.

It's this Tuesday.  Cross your fingers.  And toes.