Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hola, me llamo Jennie.

My friend Jennie is one of my favorite people of all time.  In a lot of ways, we are so much alike:  we are both from Rhode Island (and can do the accent quite well, might I add), we both have a the same sometimes-we're-inapporpriate-and-think-it's-hysterical sense of humor, we both are very particular about some things, and a bunch of other things I'm not at liberty to discuss here.  In other ways, though, we are totally different.  And I think our friendship is so strong because we truly admire these differences in each other.

One of the ways we are really different (aside from the fact that she lives in Bogota, Colombia and I live it a small town in Vermont) is that Jennie is so matter-of-fact about things when she feels disappointed or let down by people.  She doesn't dwell on it.  It doesn't effect her day to day life, or if it does she doesn't show it.  I know it annoys her, because we talk about it together, but other than that you'd never know.  I am SO jealous of this trait of my good friend Jennie!!!  I WISH WISH WISH that this was true for me!!!  See, I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I can't lie.  Sometimes when I'm having a hard time with someone I just want to address it - say to their face what the problem is and try to work it out.  This is NOT always the best idea and sometimes backfires.  Even with the best of intentions, I screw up and make things worse by trying to talk things through.

It is during these times while I'm wondering what to do that the solution is crystal clear - I pretend I'm Jennie.  Seriously.  She's has a great way of saying "This is what's happening, they are being stupid about it, so screw it.  I'll wait until they're not stupid anymore."  LOVE THIS.  And to tell you the truth, when I pretend I'm Jennie in dealing with these problems, I feel much better.  It magically becomes easier to let it go, drop it, and go on with my day.  I swear it works.  And I must say, that I stand a little taller when I pretend to be Jennie, because she's SUCH a Hot Mama O Rama.  We're talkin' SUPREME Hot Mama of AWESOMENESS.  She knows it, too.  That's a true sign of a Hot Mama O Rama, I'm telling you.  She really should have her own set of business cards.

Anyway, today I'm Jennie.  Now if I could only speak Spanish.

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