Saturday, April 7, 2012


I had a lovely lunch with some of my ladies today, and while we were talking it came up that the word "zumba" bothers me. My friend Angie said "How about Ba-Zoom?" BRILLIANT!!! I LOVE IT!!! I would be so happy if they changed the name for me! But since that's not gonna happen, I'll just have to call it Ba-Zoom myself.
Which got me to thinking about all those other words that bother me - there are a lot. I'll mention some here, but before I do, everyone raise your right hand and repeat after me:
I, (state your name) [Animal House, anyone?]
Do solemnly swear
Never to use these words against Lauren [Reyna, Nikki and Doloris, are you listening???]
And I mean it. Never.

Now that we've cleared that up, let's get to those words, shall we?

  1. Creemee or any derivative therof (Cree-mee) - why can't Vermonters just call it soft-serve?
  2. I can't even type it - the word that Reyna posted as a comment after one of my earlier posts. It starts with an "M" and ends in "oist".
  3. Any word that is purposely spelled wrong, like "Kwik". Spelling is important to me.
  4. Panties. Just a bad, bad word. There's nothing wrong with "underwear", people, let's use that one more and the "p" one less, agreed?
  5. Corn. I don't know why.

I think I should stop - I have a feeling that Reyna, Nikki and Doloris DID NOT raise their right hands.

I was also hanging with the girls recently (I swear I DO spend time with my family, even though it doesn't seem like I do) and we were talking about many different words for the same thing, like the word "taint" and all the words you can use in its' place. Like gooch, or nifkin. Now meaning of the words aside, those are just great words, don't you agree?

I think I've just taken a turn to the dark side - I'm gonna stop this one before it gets away from me.

Am I alone in having words that make my skin crawl? It seems that among my group of ladies I am more bothered by particular words than most people. Is it my personal affliction? Who knows.

Oh my god, I'm Sally.

Remember that movie, "When Harry Met Sally"? I'm Sally. To quote Harry Burns: "You're the worst kind; you're high maintenance but you think you're low maintenance."

I am totally Sally Albright. Dammit. Poor Sean.

Alright, I have to go absorb my new found identity. Sally signing off. Such a bummer.

Thank you, Tory, for bringing to my attention the true grossness that are the words pus, ointment and salve. They now hold prominent spots on the list. Please don't use them against me (raise your right hand...).


  1. Maggie told me today that I was high maintenance. And, BTW, she loves the word "panties" to be used instead of "big girl pants."

  2. Jo I use "big girl pants" all the time! To refer to grownups. Or myself. Like "time to pull up my big girl pants and clean the house". You get it....

  3. Just a bit of VT knowledge for you, it's not softserve because the cream content is much higher than that in softserve. (You'll notice some places here DO serve softserve, because it's not the dreamy concoction Vermont makes). Hence, the word you don't like, indicating it is creamier and far superior to simple soft serve.

    Oh, and I'm not so sure you're Sally. She was not fun and sassy; you, my dear, have it in spades! :)