Monday, April 16, 2012

2 Sisters, 2 Sick Feet

My sister is beyond faboo. She does, however, have one major flaw: she gets hurt easily.

Remember I said before, that I fell twice for no good reason? My sister Susan is like that too. Once she slipped on the ice and dislocated her shoulder. She was on crutches for my wedding. And now she's wearing a Darth Vader boot for a broken right foot.

Same foot as my sprained ankle, FYI.

This week is her kids' school spring break - they are renting a beach house in North Carolina. Here's the picture she texted me:

The text said "Did you know you can crutch on the beach? Wish you were here xo"

Here is my reply:

"I'm in bed with a fever - I don't think you want me crutching anywhere near you!!! xo"

Susan's foot view is so much better than mine.

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