Sunday, May 4, 2014

I am 5

I am constantly surprising myself.

I lead a wonderful life, but a life with built-in stress.  Family situations, autism, sobriety and my ridiculously sensitive nature sometimes all come to the forefront at the same time.  So when the titans collided recently, I handled things in away that surprised even me.

I regressed.  

My dear friend visited a Disney store on her trip to her home state, and brought back a pack of Muppets Most Wanted figures for me.  I almost cried they made me so happy.  Seriously.  

(See, I used to have muppet figures a long time ago.  I wore them on my college graduation cap and displayed them in my car.  For real.  Here's yearbook proof:)

So when I brought these figures home, and told my boys they weren't allowed to touch them, I started playing with them.  I posed them and took pictures.

"The Gang"

"Unsuspecting Kermit"

"Animal goes for a walk"

"TLA and they both look great in green"

"Walter - not yet 100% 'in'.  Poor Walter."

Innocent, right?  Well that didn't last for long.

"Public Pork"

"Equal opportunity frogs"

I couldn't stop laughing at my own immaturity.  Then I hid in Peter's closet and jumped out and scared him.  In my mind, hilarious!

 See???  Total regression!

And just like that, BOOM!  Not so stressed.

Laughter rules supreme.