Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's way too late to fool you guys

My high school reunion is coming up.  I have 2 of them, actually.  One is in the fall for the school I attended from 3rd grade to 10th grade.  The other is in a couple of weeks at my former beloved boarding school of 2 years - Northfield Mount Hermon.

By the way, the word "Northfield" just autocorrected to the word "Mortified".  Hahahahaha!!!!

Since I am Joanne Average, when I think of attending my reunion, I think what most people think:  I need to lose weight! I need to get new clothes!  I need to be my most fabulous self!

Then I remember - too late for my most fabulous self.  I write about everything (almost) in this blog.  So anyone who reads this blog (is anyone reading this blog???) already knows what I'm up to.  The jig is up.  No fake outs possible.


Well, at least now that I am booze free, I can drive the 3am stolen golf cart safely.  BORROWED!!!  Borrowed, not stolen!!!!  What golf cart?  I have no idea what you're talking about.

See you soon fellow faboo'88ers - I can't wait!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Is it weird I don't find this weird?

My 13 year old with no verbal filter just came home from school sick.  

When I was signing him out in the school office, he said, loudly, "Mom, it was explosive.  Seriously."  The school Secretary and Principal tried very hard not to laugh as they refused to look up from their work.  Then he said "It just kept on comin'...." and that's when I suggested gently that maybe it's best we talk about it in the car.

Then when we got home there was more running to the bathroom, with "Leprechaun prance!" being loudly declared.

Just another day in the life.  Normal as can be.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I DO have a job!!!

Today is Mother's Day, which in my house is a sacred day of tiara wearing, extra relaxing, and no holds barred hugs that the boys are not allowed to refuse.  My rules are clear.  

I also like to take a picture of me with my boys, so I can see how they have grown. This is this year's picture, which made my jaw drop:

When did my boys get so big?!?!  When did their youthful childish grins turn into the confident smiles of young men?  And how did I get so lucky?

A year ago, I left my job (that I loved) because I was giving the best of myself to other people's children.  I had no energy left for my own.  And since then I have been saying - and even calling this blog - "I don't have a job". 

Not true.  Not even close to true.

I am so fortunate to have the most amazing job in the world.  I am a Mom.  I am a wife.  I am a daughter and a sister and a cousin and a niece and a really good friend.  

And I really, really love all my jobs.  

Yes, I have some tough stuff in my life.  But who doesn't?  Everyone has something.  But I have wonderful people on my team.

Thanks, you faboo co-workers.

Am I lucky or what?