Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Easter Bunny keeps receipts

TJ is almost 14.  But his emotional age is much younger, a typical trait of autism, we are told.  

He still believes in the Easter Bunny.  And Santa.  And the Tooth Fairy.

I've been sick so Bunny duties fell on Dad this year.  He is a saint, that one.  He did a great job, fishing the letter to the Easter Bunny out of the mailbox before it got picked up, and finding what he could at Toys R Us.  

So this morning, after TJ and Peter unwrapped heir Easter treasures, TJ asked "Does the Easter Bunny keep receipts?  I don't want this one...."

Yes, TJ, the Easter Bunny keeps receipts and put them in Mom's purse.  You're covered.