Monday, December 31, 2012

This is NOT the year of Lauren - I'm not even gonna say it!

In 2013 I don't want new clothes, or fancy jewelry, or even shoes!

Hard to believe, right?  I'm serious.

Here's what I want in 2013:

I want TJ to tackle his challenges with determination and drive.  I want him to struggle, for within struggle is growth.  I want him to laugh more.  He has the greatest laugh.  And I want him to feel proud of who he is.

I want Peter to challenge himself every day, to not give up, and continue to grow into the sweet sensitive young man he already is.  I want him to not hurt so much, and feel things so strongly, that it stops him from taking chances.  I want him to continue being goofy - his smiles are like magic.  And I want him to know that TJ is no more his responsibility than he is TJ's responsibility.

I want Sean to continue to find the humor amongst the daily stresses, and to do more things for himself for fun.  I want him to ski more.  I want him to feel spoiled, and to know that he is the greatest husband and father there is.

As for me, I just want to not fall down as much and get hurt.  That's deep, when you think of it, except that I mean that literally.  I really took some knocks this past year.  My ankle still acts up.

So no, this is not going to be the year of Lauren.  This is just going to be a year.  And I hope that for my family, and for yours, that it is one filled with love and laughter and snapshots of memories that last forever.

And if a new pair of shoes is, indeed, in my future, then so be it. 

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