Thursday, December 6, 2012

How do you tell your kid that Santa is too cheap?

The only thing TJ wants for Christmas are Power Ranger Megazord Collectibles.  The $300 ones on Amazon.

How do you tell your kid that Santa can't afford it?

This is a puzzle.  TJ strongly believes in Santa, and told the "Santa" that we saw last week that I'm emailing his list to him.  "Santa" already told him he's all set.  This was before we looked at the prices.

We are screwed.

We tried telling him that Santa wants more on his list to choose from - he put down 3 books. 

Peter knows the truth about Santa already and keeps trying to tell TJ "You may not get those Megazords, they are really expensive."  But TJ thinks that Santa makes everything at the North Pole!  AAUUUGGGHHH!!!  The jolly ole' elf is working against us!  Conspiracy!!!  J'accuse!!!

Rant over.  Go back to what you were doing.

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