Thursday, December 6, 2012

Teeth Whitener and Yummie Tummie

My boys wrote their Christmas List for Santa (Peter knows it's not for Santa, please see this post for the whole story).  It got me to thinking about when I was young and what I used to ask for.

It also got me to thinking about what is on my list now.  Brace yourself for Elder Awareness.

Then - Charlie's Angels Hideaway Treehouse
Now - Teeth Whitener
Then - Lucite Skateboard
Now - Spanx /Yummie Tummie
Then - Esprit Sweatshirt
Now - Jewelry we can't possibly afford
Then - Atari
Now - a new roof
Then - Ribbon and barrettes for making ribbon barrettes
Now - Rogaine
Then - ski goggles
Now - Hard wood flooring
Then - Sony Walkman
Now - more memory on my laptop
Then - Go-Go's Album
Now - new sheets

Look how practical I've become!  Growing up sucks.

Merry happy. 

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