Friday, October 26, 2012

This tired old mom sure does feel pretty right about now

When I got to the hotel in SF there was a Sephora gift card waiting for me. In case you don't know, Sephora is cosmetic heaven. My heart rate picks up when I look at their web page, and goes through the roof when I'm lucky enough to actually be in one of their stores. It is beautiful. And amazing. And overwhelming but in a good way. So you get the idea - I like Sephora.

Quick side note - me simply saying "I like Sephora" reminds me of this thing we used to do in college...we'd ask each other "hey, do you like beer?" Then the askee would think for a minute and say, "you know, I really do. I like beer." For some reason it cracked us up. Anyway, back to the story...

I was walking around, smiling again like a crazy person, when this lovely man asked if he could help me with anything. I told him no thank you, I'm just browsing and in heaven. He then said, "would you like me to touch up your eye makeup? It would give me something to do." Ummm....YES PLEASE!!!! What could be better? Usually at home I'm the one doing everyone's makeup, and the thought of someone doing mine sounds perfectly luxurious and faboo. So I sat down and he got to work.

The first thing he tackled were my eyebrows. Now I haven't talked about this before here, but my eyebrows are wonky. There are hairs in each one that have a mind of their own and grow in a completely different directions. The right one more than the left. It's genetic - TJ has an uber wonky left eyebrow. Anyway, as this lovely man assessed the work to be done, his expression was amazing. Like he was reading a different language and trying to figure it out. I said "I have wonky eyebrows" and he quickly agreed. Ice broken. I then asked his name - Michael.

As Michael worked his magic we chatted about San Francisco, Vermont, snow, kids, autism, and the ginormous amount of child psychiatrists in town for this conference that my sister is going to. I told him, "Michael, I really like you - you are fabulous." He said "Well you haven't seen your face yet - you may think it looks like anus." Which just made me love him even more.

I can't tell you how nice it was to sit, chat, and look like a glamour girl when I stood up. My eyes have never looked so green. It's amazing. He told me how he did what he did and gave me lots o samples to bring home to try - he totally gets me. I love him. Then I asked if I could take his picture for my blog - see below. He gave me his email and I gave him mine on the back of one of my Hot Mama O Rama business cards, which he seemed to really appreciate. This proves what a good soul Michael has. We hugged goodbye and if she's not too busy I'm bringing Susan to meet him later today after her conference.

I am overwhelmed by the amazing people I am meeting on my adventure, overwhelmed by the amazing time my sister and I are sharing, and overwhelmed by how I can't stop smiling. Not bad, right?

UPDATE!!!! My faboo new friend Michael and I have already emailed back and forth, and after reading this blog entry he has informed me that he didn't say "anus", he said "hot mess"!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I can't stop laughing!!!!! And, I think I need to get my hearing checked.

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