Saturday, October 6, 2012

Class of '92! At least we wear underwear.

This weekend is my 20th college reunion.  My neighbor and former college roommate, our other college roommate and I all went out last night.  And oh my, the times they have changed!!!

Where to begin?  Well, first of all, the group of guys we were friends with from Freshman year get together every year - they are super tight, and may I say, super nice - it's always such a pleasure to see these guys every 5 years and hang out with them and their fabulous choices of wives.  We went downtown to meet up with all of them at a bar.  Then we went to their old college apartment to hang out.

OK.....maybe I need to back up a bit.

These guys, every 5 years, go to their old downtown apartment to party during reunion weekend.  It's impressive, actually, the way they've worked this out.

I think during earlier reunions they just used to show up at the apartment with a keg and say, "we used to live here, if you let us hang out the beer is on us."  I could be wrong about that, but I'm not sure I am.  Anyway, now, apparently, they write a letter to the current residents ahead of time, asking about hanging out during reunion weekend, introducing themselves, and asking to begin correspondence.  I'm not sure if they always receive a response, but no matter, they just knock on the door during reunion weekend and see if the current residents are ready for all of us.

Now this year, I believe, is the first year that the house is occupied by females.  They were ready for all of us.  Not only were they ready, but they had planned a party.  So when we got there last night, we were allowed to walk up the front steps and enter through the front door.  Current students had to go to the back door, where there was a hired security guard with a list of who could come in and who could not.  I'm not kidding.

Another major difference is the party attire.  We all were casual - jeans, shorts, t-shirts.  They, however, wore dresses.  The girls I mean. 

Here's what I noticed through my 42 year old bias:  the girls, sweet as can be, wore barely any clothing.  The boys, also sweet but not as outwardly sweet, looked like they were 12 and some wore backpacks.  One had a "vintage" t-shirt of a Dead Tour from the 80s.  I went to one of those shows from that tour.  Moment of clarity.

Anyway, back to the attire - the girls wore pretty dresses.  Pretty small dresses.  All of them.  Every different size girl wore a pretty small dress.  The size of a Kleenex.  And I'm assuming none-derwear.

That's all I can say about that.  Other than this:  a bunch of us were hanging outside on the front porch, and those who were not at the party (other neighbors, people walking by...) were really rude.  Yelling at us, "Go home to your kids!" and things like that.  One kid from next door threw a lime at us.  Seriously.  I NEVER would have been this rude when I was their age - what's happened to these kids?  I thought of the best come backs as I was walking to my car with my girls but I'm not going to share them here as I may need them tonight.  We will probably end up at this apartment again.

I think I should send the current residents of this house a thank you basket - filled with underwear, nipple covers, aspirin and eye drops.  It could be sponsored by Commando Underwear!  They really make the best underwear - if you haven't tried it yet you really should.

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