Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's all about your costume, baby!

Sean thinks it is endearing and super-cute when I call the clothes that football players wear "costumes".  He tells me they are called "uniforms" but I think we all know the truth.


Let's take those football players for example.  Do they walk around their every day life grunting like animals and body checking people in the grocery store who take the last box of Franken Berry?  Maybe...it's a distinct possibility....but most likely not.  Put them in their tight pants costume, however, and watch their inner animal be released!  It's like instant permission to act a certain way!

I used to act in plays in high school and college (isn't that a shocker???).  There was such a difference from regular rehearsals to dress rehearsals - my true character that I had been working so hard on came out fully in full costume, in a way that it just couldn't before.  And when I used to sing A Capella in college, when I was dressed up for a show, I always sang better.  Always.

See?  Costumes.

Whether you agree with me or not, we all wear costumes every day.  Yes, this is me telling you that I am right about this and if you do not agree you are wrong.  I never do that!  It feels kinda good.  A new beast may be born.  OFF TOPIC ALERT!  I'm back.

When I'm feeling dumpy, I find myself wearing my grubbiest jeans and sweatshirts.  When I was trapped like an animal in bed with diverticulitis, in pain and feeling terribly sorry for myself, I wouldn't even shower every day (see how much of myself I give to you, my faithful readers?  You're welcome.).  I looked on the outside the way I felt on the inside - terrible.

When I'm in those in-between moods where it could clearly go either way, I have complete control over which direction it goes depending on how I dress.  This includes make up.  If I am dressed in things I like and am not at least wearing mascara, I'm not standing as tall as I could be.  If I just can't pull myself out of a funk, is a little more casual and no make up.

Think I'm shallow?  Go ahead.  I'm right, you're wrong.  THIS IS FUN!!!!

Do you know when my crazy shoe obsession started?  Right after TJ was diagnosed with autism.  During the darkest time of my life, I found relief, and an exhilarating sense of joy, when I put on a pretty pair of shoes.  It was that simple, when nothing in my life was simple.  Joy was hard to come by in those days, so I created my own.  My shoe love was born.  Plus, you can gain all the weight in the world and your shoes will still fit.  And you can change moods as quickly as you can change shoes!  It's seriously one of the best things I ever did for my personal psyche. 

So there is all the proof you need - now go try it yourself.  Put a little extra time into your costume, or maybe try a new costume, and see what happens.  I'm going to do that myself.

I always did love a costume change.

BY THE WAY...if anyone from Ann Taylor or Steve Madden is reading this and would like to sponsor my costume changes, I'm very open to that. Or Prada. Or Christian Louboutin. Or....

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