Saturday, November 10, 2012


I just glimpsed at a report about an interview that Andy Cohen (from Bravo TV) did with Rihanna for Facebook live.  She was asked where she wanted to be in 30 years.  She basically said when she is 54 she wants to be skinny, fierce, and hopes her t!ts are still where they are now.


Is that all?  Seriously?  What about "happy"?  There was no mention of happy.  Or healthy.  I'm shocked.

I'm also terrified for our future.  Is this the main concern for all 20 somethings these days?  I knew there was too much focus on the exterior in this age group but had no idea it was this extreme.  I think it's important to look good, but MAN!

Granted she was drunk.  I hope her answer would be different if she wasn't.  That's a pretty sad state of affairs too, being drunk for an interview, IMHO.  But that's a different blog post.

And by the way, what's with this one piece of my hair? It gets all Shirley Temple on me after a Zumba class. I have straight hair, people, this is a bizarre phenomenon. Whassup???

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  1. I get those same curls around my nape....otherwise, my hair is as flat and straight as a board!

    RE: Rihanna - So many shallow people in the world but I have faith that in every generation, we will have good people who care more about what's on the inside than those who only value what's on the surface. Keep the posts coming - I'm really enjoying them!