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Raise your hand if you saw Amadeus and know who Salieri is.

If your hand is down, click this link:

Basically, Salieri was a very talented musician who had the unfortunate circumstance of existing in the same circle as Mozart.  No one stood a chance against Mozart.  So it sucked to be Salieri.

In the film Amadeus, Salieri, because he was comparing himself to Mozart, said he was the king of mediocrity.  "I speak for all mediocrities in the world. I am their champion. I am their patron saint."

Dude - YOU TAUGHT BEETHOVEN!  A deaf musician!!!  Have some self respect!!!

In my opinion, Salieri totally gave up.  He made the choice to compare himself to someone no one can compare to.  Who HASN'T felt like the king or queen of mediocrity?  Seriously, at one time or another, haven't we all felt talentless, without direction, and without purpose?

The trick is to not let it own you.  Don't compare yourself to anyone!!!  When you have a kid with autism this is almost an easier lesson to learn, as I know there is no one like my boy, so I teach him to compare himself ONLY to himself.  But look what happens to you when you make a different choice!  Nothing good.  You end up feeling responsible for Mozart's death locked up in a hospital, absolving all the other sick people of their mediocrity.

So many times I have felt like Salieri!  Except that I have not been exceptionally talented in one area like him - my talents are many and just happen to not be concentrated.  I have faced my share of life challenges and choose to find a way to smile.  Yes, sometimes things suck, but what good will it do to dwell on it?  I choose to focus on the good.

Like my gorgeous and fabulous friends!  I have an amazing network of wonderful people all over the country!  Who is luckier than me?

And my shoes - well, those things of fabulositude speak for themselves.
And my family!  I have amazing people that I am so lucky to share this label with.  There is something so wonderful about the bond you have with people who have known you your entire life...and the fact that they are exceptional people doesn't hurt either.  And the family that has been added along the way have been beautiful gifts.  Our family keeps growing, I'm thrilled to say, and I am so fortunate to have these fabulous people in my life.

And my chosen family!  I have some friends who are like family to me, and these bonds are strong.  Like crazy steel strong.  Some are local, some are far away...and it doesn't matter where they are because they are always in my heart.

And my sister!  She was my first best friend, and I'm happy to say, still my best friend.  Whenever we get together there is a certain peace that I feel.  And a certain hysteria.  No one makes me laugh like her, hence our nickname from my cousin of "the laughing cousins".  Our history has forever bonded us, good and bad.  She is like my arm.  I don't know how to function without knowing she is in my corner.  She is my Susu.

And my kids!  They are sunshine even when they're not.  Seriously - those are two amazing people I have the good fortune of raising.  They teach me something every day and just looking at them fills me with such unimaginable joy and pride that I can't believe they are mine.

And my husband!  He is and always has been my dreamboat.  And my best friend.  We still laugh together after almost 20 years of being together.  He is the treasure I always hoped for and I'm not letting go.  He is my backbone.  He keeps me honest.  He lifts me up to be the best person I can be, and catches me when I fall.  And I fall a lot!  Sometimes it's hard to believe that (1) someone as wonderful as he is actually exists and (2) he kinda likes me too.  That alone makes me the most fortunate person alive.

So what have we learned?

Don't compare yourself to anyone - ever.  We all have our Mozarts.  Don't try to be something you are not.  Be your own benchmark.

If you DO choose to spend your life comparing yourself to someone, don't be surprised if you land in a psych ward absolving the other mediocrites.  Is that a word?

Focus on the good.  Laugh.  Honor what you are lucky to have.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Class dismissed.

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