Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Grease is the word

Sometimes the truth is gross.

Remember a long time ago when I was struggling to find the best combo of cute and practical when it came to how I wore my hair to Zumba?  Or Bazoom as I like to call it?  Well folks, I think I've found the answer.

Day old hair.

Yes, that's right.  If I don't wash my hair for a day, the grease holds it nicely in place.  I haven't washed my hair since last night...look:

May I just take a second to pat myself on the back and say what guts it takes to discuss your greasy hair for all the world to see?  You're welcome world.

Anyway, this is what I tried Monday night for Bazoom class.  Tory my faboo instructor was afraid I would grease up the floor as I danced and she would wipe out.  But guess what?  The hair did not move.  I jumped, bounced, twisted, got even stronger with the sweat.  I hate to say it but I think I looked much cuter than when I wear the ever-sensible pony tail.  

So there you go - Bazoom hair problem solved.

Now if I could only unify the American people, I would be the best EVAH.

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