Friday, November 9, 2012

Help!!! I don't have a job title!!!

I was a child of the 70s.  As a child of the 70s I spent a lot of time listening to the record "Free To Be...You And Me."  Anyone else?  I mean I listened to this A LOT.  I loved the stories, I loved the music....I loved all of it.  To this day any time I hear Marlo Thomas or Alan Alda, I am instantly transported to my childhood.  Love love love.

I remember listening to this record and thinking that I could be anything.  I wanted to be on Broadway.  Or the movies.  Or on TV.  I knew I was destined for greatness.

Turns out, I was destined for the EJ.  I love the EJ, I do, but I never thought I'd be a housewife in Vermont.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, but really folks, I don't even have a job!  Talk about ending up differently than you thought you would!

This is interesting especially now, when I just had my college reunion and my high school reunion is just around the corner.  Everyone asks:  "What are you doing now?"  My answer is "I married a dreamboat, have 2 amazing kids, one has autism, we have a dog, and I hate laundry.  But I hate cleaning bathrooms more."  Is that a good answer?  It's an honest answer.

What's a better answer?  I need some help here.  Domestic Goddess?  That's way too "Roseanne" for me.  I do have my Hot Mama O Rama business cards, that's always a safe bet, but it still requires some explanation.  How about "Shoe Diva of fabulositude"?  Too pompous?  I don't want to come across as self centered.  But let's face it, shoes are my thing.  How about "Undiscovered Stylist"?  That's a good one too - I'm always silently styling everyone.

I thought of all this today because as I was doing laundry, after asking the boys to put their dishes in the dishwasher, Carol Channing's voice ran through my head:

"Little boys, little girls, when you're big husbands and wives,
If you want all the days of your lives
To seem sunny as summer weather,
Make sure, when there's housework to do,
That you do it together!"

I think I need to play this for my boys.  Carol Channing really does explain it perfectly, don't you think?  Also the whole "Parents are People" part too - that's good stuff.

Maybe instead of explaining anything to anyone, I should just put my blog web address on my Hot Mama O Rama business card.  But if anyone has any really good ideas of an official job title, let me know. 

PS - I STILL think I'm destined for greatness.....

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