Friday, November 16, 2012

Crap crap crap

So since my last post, the one about the Tag Lines, a few of my friends have asked me to write tag lines for them.  Theirs turned out better than mine.  I think mine will be a work in progress.

What is normal language for an 11 year old?  For example, and this is totally hypothetical, is it OK for them to walk around the house saying "Crap crap crap"?  Just for example.  How about a 12 year old?  Who is sprouting the teeny wee tiny beginnings of dark mustache hairs?  Who has, oh I don't know, let's say autism?  Is it normal for him to turn any word or name into "penis" and then laugh hysterically?

The reason I ask is because these things may or may not have started to happen in public.  OK, it's me, we are talking about me and my kids.  And they have started to happen in public.  I swear these boys used to have greater decorum, and I really don't use bad language in front of them.  Clearly I say "crap" but c'mon, a girl's gotta have a bad word every now and then.  And it could be worse.

So what are other kids this age saying?  I know my boys aren't swearing in school, thank god, or if they are it's not around the teachers.  That's normal, right?  I remember saying worse when I was their age, and I was in an all girl's Quaker school.  So all in all, we are doing OK, right?  Plus, and I hate to admit this, but it's kinda funny when it happens.  And embarrassing, in the case of TJ's trying every way he can to say "penis" in public.  But that's neither here nor there.

As for the mustache hairs on TJ, they are ever so faint, but enough that he's talking about growing a beard too.  I want him to grow chops.  That would look awesome.

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