Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Today calls for Guffman

It's amazing to me, when I get slammed with lots of tough things at once, how quickly I become the most insecure person on the planet.

My stupid ankle is still wrapped up and sore at the end of each day.  I haven't done Zumba for 3 weeks now.  I'm feeling huge, tired, and gross.  And I'm still coughing.   Also I've been out of work for a month now and not seeing people during my day really sucks.

Sorry to complain, but there it is.

During these times, I turn to my favorite movies, because these can ALWAYS put a smile on my face.

My go-to-make-me-feel-better-immediately-and-makes-me-laugh-like-crazy movie?

Waiting for Guffman.  Hands down the most hysterical movie ever.  Have you seen it?  SO FUNNY.  Christopher Guest is brilliant and the entire cast is perfect.  Here's a taste:

I mean, COME ON!!!  How funny does that look?!?!  Oh how I LOVE this movie.....

I have been asked many times what my favorite movie is. In a lot of ways that is like asking which is my favorite son.  Just like I have different songs for my personal soundtrack, I have different movies that I love for different reasons. Here are some of them, and why I love them:

Singin' in the Rain - old time Hollywood musical at it's finest.

The Philadelphia Story - amazing actors, funny story...and Cary Grant pushes Katharine Hepburn down by pushing her face.  Who would dare do that but Cary Grant???

Same Time Next Year - I love movies that are adapted from Broadway plays, and this is a great one.  Plus, Marvin Hamlisch wrote the music so what's not to love about that?

Monty Python and the Holy Grail/Life of Brian/Meaning of Life - hysterical and random, and never gets old.

Tootsie - Dustin Hoffman in a dress and Terry Garr is in love with him.  Perfect.

Young Frankenstein - much like Guffman does, it makes me laugh every time.

The Godfather, I and II.  Duh.

Conception - fabulous film by my friend Josh Stolberg, starring my friends Leila Charles Leigh, Tim Griffin, and the opening song is written by my friend Chris Ziter.  And aside from that, what a great movie to watch!!!

So many others that flood my brain...too many to list....

I will say that since I've had children, I have a hard time watching sad movies.  And movies like "A Beautiful Mind", "Rain Man" or "Temple Grandin"?  Forget it.  Not gonna happen.  For obvious reasons.  I don't care how inspiring they are, it's too tough.

I'd write more, but My Fair Lady is on and it's calling to me.  Things are lookin' up - gotta go!

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