Friday, May 4, 2012

12 Years Ago....

TJ this morning:  "Mom, tomorrow is my birthday."

Me:  "I know buddy!  You've been doing the countdown for months now."  (he really has - since "100 days 'til my birthday!")

TJ:  "Here's what will happen tomorrow Mom.  I'll walk downstairs like this (puts a sleep mask over his eyes and puts his arms in front of him, feeling around).  You guys will grab my arms and bring me to right in front of all my presents, then you'll pull the blindfold off and yell 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!'  Then I'll be surprised and open all of my presents while Dad makes pancakes.  No - waffles.  I want waffles from the toaster.  Toasty waffles."

Me:  "OK sweetie, anything you want."

TJ:  "But nobody sing.  OK, Mom?"

12 years has flown by.

12 years ago I never could have imagined all the gifts that being a parent could give me.  12 years ago I had a very different and naive understanding of what my future would be like.  12 years ago I never knew how strong I could be for somebody else.  12 years ago I never knew how strong I could be for myself.  12 years ago I never knew that brothers could have as strong a bond as sisters do.  12 years ago I knew Sean and I were a great team, but I didn't know that we would be a force to be reckoned with. 12 years ago I didn't know that when your kid struggles or hurts, it feels like you are wearing your guts on the outside of your body.

12 years ago tomorrow I fell in love.....again.

Happy Birthday TJ - you are a treasure who has brought us 12 years of amazing.  And the best is yet to come....

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