Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Curious Incident

A dear friend of mine went to NYC recently where he saw the Broadway show “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”.  It’s about a boy with autism who is trying to figure out who killed a neighbor’s dog.  He called me and said he thought of me the whole time, and had so many questions about my son TJ’s autism in comparison to the main character in the play’s autism.

Let’s reflect on that for a second…a Broadway show - that is sold out and has amazing reviews and has huge Tony Award buzz - is about a boy with autism.

And it is getting people talking.

And thinking.

And asking questions.  

And wanting to know more about autism.

Now my friend calling to talk about it, while wonderful, is not surprising.  Happy for me, but not surprising.

What surprises me, or, more appropriately, thrills me, is that hundreds (thousands?) of people have seen or are planning to see this show. 

Theatre goers are seeking an experience.  So many times I have seen a show that puts me smack-dab in the middle of the story, where I feel the sensory experience and emotions of the characters.  I often leave the theatre in tears, or laughing, or giddy, or hopeful, or devastated, or whatever those characters have just experienced.

And from what my friend told me, the show is very successful in giving the audience a feel for what this boy with autism feels, and how he lives.

Now if this amazing show can bring greater autism awareness to just one person, it is, in my mind, a huge success.  

Can you imagine the reality of the situation, and how many people this show is actually reaching???

It makes my heart race a little to know that so many are being touched by this experience every day.  That so many are learning a bit more about what autism is, and how if affects people.  

And if that autism awareness leads to autism acceptance, then that is improving the world that much more for my son, who will someday be on his own in this big old world to fend for himself.

I hope.  I hope.

In May, my sister and I are planning a NYC trip.  Where we plan to take in a show.

Guess which show is #1 on my list?

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