Monday, March 2, 2015

Random Lauren Theatre

I'm bored.

This is dangerous.

Pre-kids, if I was bored, I'd dress in an unusual manner (well, unusual for me, anyway) and go shopping or something.  Somewhere public.  Then I'd engage in some Random Lauren Theatre.

Basically, I'd pretend to be someone else.  Loudly.  And I'd crack myself up at people's responses.  

Once I put a sign around my neck that read "Say 'Happy Birthday Bada' to the camera", and I walked around Boston with a video camera taping random people saying happy birthday to my then roommate.  That was awesome.

Or sometimes I would sit at a bar and play the Penis Game with friends.  We would try to fit the word "penis" into our conversation and each time it was said, it had to be louder than the previous time.  Basically it ended by yelling "Penis" in a bar.  Clearly I was in my early 20s.

Very mature of me. 

But now I'm an old and wise 45 and when I get bored I imagine going all Jersey on the shoppers of Burlington VT.  Loud accent and everything.

Except now I have teenagers.  They wouldn't have it, and I wouldn't want to mortify them.

At least I got my fun in before I was responsible for other human beings.  And who knows?  Maybe I can still sneak in some stealth Random Lauren Theatre here and there.

I did wear a red tutu and a tiara to the market on my last birthday and played it straight.....

It's good to know I still have it in me.  :)

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