Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Happy Delusion

I was waiting to pick up TJ at the high school today.  Spring is here - meaning the temps are above 35 - and everyone loses their mind.

The truck parade is back.  Pick up truck after pick up truck after pick up truck.  They wait together in the parking lot then parade in front of the school.  All that's missing are streamers.

Leggings as pants.  Everywhere.

One girl drove by me and she was putting on eye liner looking in her mirror with her foot on the brake as she started stopped started stopped started stopped.  No one was killed.  Yet.

Leggings as pants - did I say that one yet?

Souped up cars that wait until they get right in front of the school, then they rev their engines and peel out, top speed, all the way down the road.

I'm sorry but when we were in high school, we were so much cooler and SO much more subtle.

I'm sure of it.


  1. It's amazing but some of these jerks actually mature with age.

    1. Yes! I did. See, I just busted up my own delusion! :)