Monday, September 3, 2012

In this one I admit that my brain was once slightly immature

Yes I'm still sick with diverticulitis. I don't wanna talk about it.

My little brother started college last week in the next town over. Yes, that's right - I'm 42 and I have not just 1 much younger little brother, but 2.

They are awesome.

My parents divorced when I was in high school and my Dad remarried when I was in college. My sister and I loved her immediately.

Back then, my relationship with my Dad was a bit complicated in my slightly immature brain. So when my sister and I first met K (I don't know if she'd like me using her name or not so I won't) she sat quietly in a chair and didn't talk that much.

At first Susan and I were like "Huh? Is she scared of us? We're fabulous, what's the problem?!?!" We were totally serious. We couldn't imagine why it would be awkward to meet your boyfriend's college-aged kids from his first marriage.

See? Slightly immature brains. They were fabulous brains, but still.

Eventually we all became very comfortable and close with each other, which is good because Dad and K had 2 kids - one when I was 21, and the other when I was almost 24.

I love them like crazy.

Let's call the older one "C" and the younger one "S".

When C was 5 I was visiting during a birthday party. I was standing next to him, his little buddy was standing on his other side, and his buddy's 2 year old sister was next to him.

"Who's that?" buddy said to C.

"That's my sister." said C.

Buddy looked at me, totally stunned. Then he looked at his own sister, then back to me.

Then buddy said, "Your sister is gigantic."

Nice right? I've been called a lot of things - that was my first "gigantic".

Anyway, S is now here which I love, and my boys love, and it's hard for me not to call him everyday and have him over to hang out with us cause we all love him so much but it's his time away at school and I'm not supposed to interfere with it because that would totally suck for him and who wants your 42 year old sister around no matter how fabulous she may be?

My mood has been pretty grim lately with this continued crappy illness but writing this cheered me up.

Score one for me. Not that we're keeping score.

Clearly it's time for me to lie down. And I just said "Ooh Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Makeovers is on - I love this stuff" out loud. Help me.

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