Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Curse is Broken!!!

So I was at my friend Amanda's house this morning.

Have I told you about Amanda yet?  She's one of my closest of my chosen sisters.  We met our freshman year at college.  We were roommates our junior year.  We moved to Boston together after graduation.  And now we live in the same neighborhood.  She is one of TJ's Godparents.  Our kids are in the same school district.  I am so, so lucky to have her in my everyday life.

Anyway, I was at her house sitting at her kitchen table and we were catching up.  Suddenly the light fixture fell from above our heads - a fan/lamp combo.  This glass orb fell - just dropped out of the sky.  Total slo-mo.  It missed my head by inches and landed on the table in front of me.  It didn't break.  Then it kind of bobbled around the table, while in my slo-mo mind I was wondering "Why aren't my arms working?  I should be grabbing this thing before it falls off the table!" Then, or course, it fell off the table and shattered into a gazillion pieces.

Amanda and I looked at each other, completely stunned.

Then she yelled "The curse is broken!  It didn't land on your head!!!"  Not only did it not land on my head, but I was uncut by the shards of glass!

WAHOO!!!  We had a small celebration as she swept the pieces up. THE LAUREN CURSE IS BROKEN!!!

That was my morning.  So what are you up to?

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