Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some say morbid, I say funny

I have had some really weird dreams since this pulmonary embolism nonsense has arrived to liven things up around here, but most of them I have forgotten.  

Here's one I remember:

I am viewing my closet from above (good news, right?), like there is no ceiling.  On the floor I see three ladies sorting through my shoes:  my friends Lisa, Jennie, and Alison.  

It just so happens that these are my closest friends with the same foot size as me.  My step mom does too, and my sun-conscious and I feel badly she wasn't included in the dream!!!  I'm so sorry Kathy!

Anyway, apparently I left all my shoes to these wonderful friends, and a scuffle suddenly breaks out between Lisa and Alison.  There are slightly raised, strained voices and gentle, yet increasingly aggressive, shoe pulling.  

While this was going on, Jennie was still on the floor, taking advantage of the other girls' distraction to shove a few extra pairs into a bag on the side.

How funny is that?  

This has been so helpful to me today because every time I think about it I crack up!  The laughs have been much needed ones.  

I'm here to say, my sweet friends, that I plan on sticking around a while longer to use those shoes myself!!!

But when it is my time, Lisa, Jennie and Alison, the shoe collection is all yours.  And Kathy - yours too!!!

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