Thursday, August 1, 2013

Do not panic!

I had a quick visit to the emergency room today - everything is fine.  A little scare.  I'm really tired right not but not too tired to post highlights from the Sean and Lauren show.

Sean:  "The docs are talking about you - shhh! They're saying...'her husband is awesome.' "

Me:  "Want me to hold my breath and make the machine beep?"
Sean:  (deadpan) "That's a fun game."

Me:  "I'm bored - dance!"  (He did!)

Me:  "This sucks - I want to leave."

Sean:  "I'll wheel you right to the car - they'll never notice."
Me:  "Yeah but they'll hear the getaway music playing in the background."
Sean:  "And hear my crazy old man laugh."

Me:  "I have to pee."
Sean shows me the bedpan display a la Vanna White.
Me:  "I'm not peeing in a pan!"
Sean:  "That's how they used to do it."
Me:  "Who is they?  They from the hospital days of yore?"
Sean:  "Yes, that is they."

Good thing we weren't there for very long.  Maybe they heard us and let us go home to spare them further performance?  Woo hoo!  Mission accomplished!

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