Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jerry, be kind.

So I named my colon "Jerry".

I somehow came up with the theory that if you name something, it will treat you well.  Like cars.  I have always named my cars.

First was OVLOV, my Volvo wagon.  Sigh.  I still to this day miss my OVLOV, my first car.  She rocked.  She deserves her own blog post, really.

Next Sean and I borrowed a Taurus from his parents, and we named it "Cleo".  Think about it.

Then we got a blue Subaru Outback, and named it "Foster".  As is oilcans.

Next, a black Subaru Legacy, we named Fred.  After the blond guy from Scooby Doo who lost all publicity to a scratchy voiced kid who never shaved, and talked like a surfer.  But he was voiced by Casey Kasem, so really poor Fred never stood a chance.

Then came Ruby Red Suby, our current red Subaru Forrester.  BTW, did I ever mention that Subaru is the unofficial car of the State of Vermont?  It's the all wheel drive.  These cars have gotten us up ice slicked hills in the winter, and we're not messin' around.

Finally, the blue Saab convertible we named Bitsy Blue.  I named.  Sean didn't like the name, but really once a name is stuck to a car, that's it.  Can't undo it.  And I'm still looking for the perfect scarf to wrap around my head while I drive Bitsy around town in the just seems like something I should do, don't you think?

So there you go.  That's why I named my colon.  And we came up with Jerry because I was with some friends who had asked about my illness when two of us thought one friend called my colon "Jerry" during the conversation.  So this one wasn't me at all, but I think the name is perfect.

Here's hoping that naming it will make it treat me better.  C'mon, Jerry, be good to me!

1 comment:

  1. Sporna,
    I now have a Volvo and think about your Ovlov
    all the time. That was such a great name, and
    a great car. The butt warmers were the best!
    My love to u and Jerry