Friday, May 1, 2015

HELP! I Need a Name!

A friend of mine sent me a message this morning about my blog.  She said she enjoyed reading it, but didn't think the name "I don't have a job" was a good name for it.  I created this blog 3 years ago (!!!) when I quit my job working as a para educator, hence the name.  It was so stupid of me to even take this job in the first place because no one in their right mind would believe they have enough energy to work with special needs kids all day, and then go home to take care of your own special needs kid.  Live and learn.  Anyway, I trust this lady as she is a smarty and has a great sense of humor to boot, so I started to think about it.

She said "it's not true. you DO have a job, an important job, an "alternative" job, a job we don't "pay" for in this country do in fact have a job. So... just wondering if you would consider a change because...somehow when I read sounds like you are sitting home eating bon bons, or shopping or something and we KNOW that isn't true."

She is so right! I certainly am NOT sitting home eating bonbons (Mmmmm....bon bonbons!) or shopping or going to nail salons.

I am taking mental pictures in the morning of what my kid is wearing so if he bolts from school I know what to tell the police.

I am wondering if Peter is handling the tough kids at school who target him because he is sensitive and kind and vulnerable because he so often feels like he is playing second fiddle.

I am emailing with TJ's school team about an upcoming something or other so we can prepare him for any "zig zags" in his schedule that could throw him completely off.

I am making sure the house is stocked with food for my boys' very individual tastes and preparing to introduce a new food to TJ, one bite at a time, to challenge his sensory issues and expand his tiny food repertoire.

I am making extra runs to the schools to bring my boys their binders or glasses or retainers or lunches or snacks or books or projects or homework that they forgot at home.

I am trying to keep up with the tasks of the house so my family has clean clothes to wear and don't smell stinky.

I am driving to and from school, appointments, soccer practice, car upkeep, dropping off and picking up that every parent experiences in balancing their family's ever changing weekly schedule.

I am trying to squeeze in exercise time for me so I have some stress relief and don't lose my mind.

I am tackling personal family issues that you will never find me writing about here out of respect for those so dear to my heart.

I am writing.

So - what do you call that??? Is there a job description for that? I have no idea what I would call it.

I DO have a job. I have a LOT of jobs! I just don't know how to put that into a cute clever little blog title.

I'll work on it - in the mean time if you all have any suggestions PLEASE let me know! I'd love to hear from you!

Also, if the blog title suddenly changes, you all know why.

Off I go - have a great day!


  1. Maybe you could call it "My REAL Job" :-)

    1. I like it! I added a little line after my title - that will have to do for now. Thank you for taking the time to comment! :)

  2. I don't know what you should call your blog, but I got a great laugh from this post. I don't have a job either, but as a stay at home mom with 2 autistic boys, I can relate to all the activities you mentioned. On second thought, maybe you should call your blog, "No job, much work, no bonnbonns".

    1. Oh my goodness your hands are full! No bonbons, that's for sure. I wish for you more bonbons! Thank you for reading and commenting! :)