Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Today is my TJ's birthday.  He is 15.

15!  I can't believe it!

I was lucky enough to go through my first pregnancy at the same time as one of my dear friends.  We lived near each other, and our husbands got along, so it was kinda great.

Our babies were due around the same time so it was really wonderful to have someone to compare notes with.

I remember when Sean and I were in the hospital to have TJ, I said to Sean "Wouldn't it be funny if A and P were here too, somewhere on this floor, to have their baby?"

About 10 minutes later when Sean came back from getting me something to drink, he said "Lauren, A is here.  I just ran into P in the hallway.  She is in the room next door."

Next door!  Can you believe it?

Now I had pre-eclampsia so I was hooked up to a million different tubes and things, so a few minutes later A and P came by to visit.

I was so happy our kids would be born so close to each other - literally.

Now I'm not going to get too detailed, but when it came time to push, I was not quiet.  Holy pain.

Later I learned that A could hear me and I scared the crap out of her.  I still feel badly about that to this day, although I will admit it's kinda funny.  Sorry sweetie!

Anyway, we both had boys, and the next morning, TJ met his first friend R.  So not only was it wonderful to go through our pregnancies together, it was wonderful to go through our first kids' first years together.

Every year on TJ's birthday I think of them, our friends A and P, and every year I smile at those memories.  How lucky I was to have such a good friend be a part of that wonderful time with me, and how lucky I still am that they are always a part of TJ's story.  We are still good friends today, 15 years later.  We no longer live near each other, but every year at this time A and I touch base and share our memories with smiles and love.

So Happy Birthday TJ, and Happy Birthday R.  We are proud of the amazing young men you are.  And to my dear friend A, I am so, so glad we have this story to share every year.