Friday, September 18, 2015

To TJ's Team - I just thought you should know....

I have read a lot of articles lately on what to ask your kid to get the best information out of them at the end of their school day.  Anything but "How was your day?" to which you'll get "fine" and not much else.

I thought I was doing a pretty good job.  TJ and I would chat about what happened and who he spent time with and who he ran in to and what he is studying for the whole ride home.

And I STILL missed a biggie.

Two days ago I got a call from TJ's special educator (SM - the best).  He told me that TJ is really stressed out in one of his classes that he is taking as an elective.  He said that the structure of the class is different than it was last year, and required a background that TJ just didn't have.  It wasn't the fit that he thought it would be for TJ.

I was floored.  Not because TJ wasn't doing well in a class, but because in all the conversations TJ and I have had about the class, I got no indications of his rising stress levels.

Apparently, SM and his para educator were seeing his rising stress levels very clearly, and wanted my permission to take him out of this elective class, with credits he didn't need, and find a better fit.

I immediately said yes, confident that they would find something for him to occupy his time in a less stressful, and therefore more productive, manner.

And of course, they did.  He is enrolled in an art class as an independent study.  I got emails this morning from SM and the para educator saying what a better morning TJ is having, and what a great switch this is for him.

And I almost cried out of happiness, and feelings of good fortune.

We are so lucky that TJ is in such capable, caring, amazing hands at his school.

We are so lucky that these incredible teachers can see things throughout TJ's day that we cannot see.

We are so lucky that they are proactive enough to prevent a complete meltdown.  They jumped at the first signs of stress to investigate what is the source, and what, if any, changes needed to be made.

Sean, Peter and I are so grateful to these wonderful people, at his wonderful school, taking such good care of our wonderful boy.

And I just thought you should know.

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