Saturday, September 5, 2015

Things I Already Knew but Need Mentioning

1. Sean is the biggest dreamboat of all time ever.  EVER.

2. Diverticulitis sucks.  Big time.  Avoid it if you can.

3. Liquid diets suck too.  Holy brutal.  When I almost kiss the doctor who upgrades me to crackers, it's too long on liquid diet.

4. Your colon is your friend - treat it accordingly.

5. TJ should NOT play The Simpsons trivia before bed, unless we want to find him up at 12:30 looking for his Simpsons Book.  God knows how long he was awake but it must have been late because he's still asleep now.

6. My kids are more flexible when I'm sick than when I'm not.  Hmmm.

7. Sam sneaks on the couch to sleep at least 4 times a day.  And looks at me like I'm crazy when I scold him to get down.  Every time.

8. Do not watch Food Network if you are on any kind of restricted diet.  I forget this one all the time.  It's like I have mind-erase when the diverticulitis ends.

9. I actually have missed exercise.  Kudos to my exercise-inspiring friends who have helped me make this a regular part of my life.

10. A lump in your lower abdomen should not always scare you - it's not always the scary tumor you are making up in your imagination.  Sometimes, it just means that you're full of sh!t.

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