Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I'm just going to list random quotes here that I hear in my home, because some of them I really can't believe.  Enjoy.

"Those college kids spilling beer in the water, hurting the wildlife, peeing on the rocks and twerking everywhere..."

"Bomb me with the chicken!"

"I feel the gas coming!  SBD!!!"

"Mom, there's a brown note stuck to the back of my pants!"  It was the Levi's tag. 

"All they say is 'damn you damn you damn you, bitch bitch bitch.'"  Watching an edited for TV version of The Breakfast Club.

"Dead bunny in the road!  Easter is canceled!"

"So am I getting a nerf dart to the butt on April Fool's?"

"Dung beetles are born out of poop!  The poop is pregnant!"

"An old lady shows her nipples, then there's Egyptian music, then Taco Bell?"

"Are you happy now, Elmer Fudd?  Huh? HUH?!?  ARE YOU HAPPY?!?!"

Welcome to my world.  :)

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