Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas With a Side of Autism

These are just a few of the highlights we experience in our home during Christmastime with TJ:

  • Starting December 1, non-stop worry that he is on the “naughty list”.

  • Scheduling our annual visit to UVM’s Theatre for their annual presentation of “The Toys Take Over Christmas”, where TJ can see “The REAL Santa.”

  • My non-stop giggling over “The REAL Santa”, who is my friend who runs the Scene Shop.  

  • The prompt ending of my giggling when “The REAL Santa” tells TJ, “Of course you are on the nice list!  But your mother…..”

  • For TJ’s wish list, a color print out of every Power Ranger Mega Zord known to man, many of which are collectables for sale on eBay and cost over $300.  From Japan.

  • “Mom, decorate the house while I’m at school, so when I come home, BAM!  Christmas!”

  • The countdown EVERY morning, yelled:  “SIX MORE DAYS!”  “FIVE MORE DAYS!”…

  • Watching an ancient VCR Tape of “Christmas Eve on Sesame Street” over and over again.  It now creaks and sounds like it’s going to snap in half.

  • “I love my cousins but I think I need some quiet time.  Now.”

  • Preparing everyone for my non-filtered boy.  When asked “Do you like your gift?”, he won’t hesitate to say, “No, not much.”

  • Refusal to eat anything cooked for the big Christmas dinner.  It looks different on fancy plates.

  • The joy in his eyes when he sees that the carrot we left for Rudolph has been nibbled.

  • The special hug he has for his brother, who always manages to get him the perfect gift.

  • The wonder he still has in the magic of the season.  As a believer of Santa, he makes it easy for those around him to believe in miracles.


  1. Lol! I love the countdown the best! So cute!

    1. I love it too! He mentions the countdown several times per day. Makes me smile! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!!!