Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dreamboat is Dreamy

This post just proves that there is nothing I won't fess up to on this blog. That's how honest I am. You're welcome.

We have a second refrigerator down in the basement - we call it "the beer fridge". The only other thing we put in it is food around the holidays when our upstairs fridge is packed. That and the boys' Halloween candy that I may or may not invade randomly.

Now in my defense, it IS called "the beer fridge". Since I don't drink, what business do I have going into "the beer fridge"? Please keep this in mind for the rest of the story.

The other day I was grabbing some frozen waffles for the kids out of the freezer part of "the beer fridge". I noticed a stench coming out of the fridge part. Lo and behold, there sat 2 casserole dishes from....wait for it.....Christmas.

Now don't start acting like you've never had anything rotten or stinky in your own fridge - everyone has at least once! You know it's true!!!

Anyway, tonight Sean said to me....actually, let me rephrase that. Tonight, Dreamboat said to me, after my return from bazoom, "Are you going to shower now or later? I ask because my Valentine's present to you is that I'm going to wash those awful dishes from the basement, and I'm going to need a lot of hot water, and don't want to disrupt your shower."


Seriously, he is the greatest. He must REALLY love me a lot.

And that's Valentine's Day around here. Have a happy one!

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