Friday, January 18, 2013

Dear Hot Mama O Rama is born!!!

I saw that the original Dear Abby has passed away at 94 - RIP.

I could TOTALLY do that job.

How hard could it be, really?  I mean, I dish out advice all the time, if not out loud then in my head to myself whenever I see a situation that needs my help.  And there are a LOT of situations that need my help, trust me.  I could finally be on to something here.

Let's give it a try with some sample questions:

Dear Hot Mama O Rama, I'm a stay-at-home mom with 2 young kids and the housework is really piling up!  How can I do it all?  Sincerely, Busy

Dear Busy, there is NO WAY you can do it all with 2 young kids!  Are your 2 young kids breathing at the end of every day?  If yes, then congratulations - you are doing enough.  The rest will fall into place in time.  Try not to lose your mind.

See how good I am at this???  I should have thought of this a long time ago.

Let's try another one:

Dear Hot Mama O Rama, I feel frumpy.  What can I do to perk up my style without spending a lot of money?  Sincerely, Frumpy

Dear Frumpy, SHOES!  You don't need the expensive ones, just ones that make you feel fabulous.  Take a risk and try a pair you've always wanted to try.  And no matter what your weight, your shoes will always fit.  Have fun.  


So who's hiring for this gig?  Sign me up!  And feel free to send me questions of your own - I am LOVING this!!!

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