Thursday, August 9, 2012

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Peter and TJ earn coins around here (they are actually poker chips - have I mentioned this before???), and each coin is worth 10 minutes of Wii.  TJ could care less about Wii and uses his for computer time.  Peter, however, is crazy about the Wii and is forever asking how he can earn more coins.

Pete:  "Mom, what can I do to earn coins today?"

Me:  "Well, you can dust, vacuum, and play with the dog.  He needs some attention today."


Pete:  "I'll vacuum.  That's worth the most coins, right?"

Me:  "Yes, but you have to dust before you vacuum."

Pete:  "Why?"

Me:  "Because when you dust, some of the dust falls on the floor.  Then you vacuum it up."

Pete:  "Well I don't want to dust."

Me:  "Well then you have to wait to vacuum until I do the dusting."

Pete:  "Well do it now."

Me:  "Well thank you for your suggestion but I'm reading right now.  I'll do it later."


Pete:  "How long are you going to read?  The whole book?"

Me:  "No, but I just sat down.  I'll read for a little bit and then I'll dust."

longer pause

Pete:  "How long is a little bit?"

Me:  "Pete, I can tell you right now that the more you ask, the longer you'll be waiting."

extra long pause

Pete:  "Dang it, I'll dust.  Where are the single socks?"

I win.  :) 

And that's where I'm at.  Kids need to go back to school....and soon!!!

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