Friday, August 14, 2015

Change your Ending

There are a lot of hurt people out there.

Hurt people tend to hurt other people - it's a vicious cycle.  I've done it, and I've seen it.  And since we only have one go-around in this crazy beautiful world, you had better make this round count.

Change your ending.

We are all delt a hand we have no control over.  I could sit around forever lamenting my hand, and feeling loss for what I don't have.

Or I could stand up and work with what I do have.  Focus on the good.  Let go of the bad.  Laugh at it, even.  There are ways!  It's possible!  And what a waste of time to do anything but move forward!

Sometimes we get smacked so hard that we have to sit on the ground for a little bit, stunned, as those stars and birdies spin around our heads.

Let them spin around.  For a little bit.

Then get up.

Need help getting up?  Ask for help!  Those who help you will ask you for help when they need a hand.  That's how it works.

Take what you've been given, and make the rest for yourself.  Make bold moves.  Take risks.  Try new things.  You may surprise yourself with what you can accomplish and how good things can start happening when you are open to letting them in.

Grab the reins.  Change your ending.  Don't accept any pre-determined whatever nonsense.  Go get it and make it happen, and make the ride full of love and smiles and laughter and ridiculousness and friends and fun and joy.

Go.  Now.

Change your ending.  I know you can do it!

Here's who I do it for....

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