Sunday, January 25, 2015

We Are Breaking Up

I gave it my best shot.

For years I have have enjoyed your company.  You made me laugh, you made me think, you gave me an escape from life's stresses.  I looked forward to seeing you every day.  

You made me smile.

But then things changed.  Slowly at first; it was almost unrecognizable.  But finally I had to face facts and admit that maybe I have grown out of you.  

This makes me sad to admit - what fun memories I have of you.

But now I find I have to say goodbye, for my own well being.  It's best.  I've changed so much, but you've changed too.  So, so much.  And not for the better.

Bravo TV, I am breaking up with you.

At first you and I were a great fit.  I needed a break from my hectic, stressful life, and you provided the perfect antidote.

I called you "Cheesy", but you know I only called you that out of love.

You allowed me escape by providing glimpses into the extravagant, often outrageous lives of others.  So much in the same way that Soaps used to do for me every afternoon (RIP Guiding Light, I still miss you).

But Soaps are pretend.  

Then, suddenly, things turned.  You changed.

Women began abusing other women.  Psychologically.  Mentally.  Emotionally.  And yes, even physically.

I was so embarrassed for you. 

Then I wasn't embarrassed for you, as you seemed to not only enjoy this behavior, but celebrate it.  You seemed to strive for it.  It became a goal.  These women realized that the worse they behaved, the more air time they received.

You must have had such a troubled childhood, as someone wrongly taught you that negative attention is good attention.  I am so sorry for this.

But there comes a time where we all have to grow up, and stop using excuses for our poor behavior.  It becomes time to take responsibility, own up to your mistakes, and change for the better.

Dear Bravo TV, I see just the opposite in you.

You adoringly advertise family members turning against family members.  Friends turning against friends.  All in the name of fame.  Tears.  Fists.  And many, many stupid people wrongly believing that they are fantastic and everyone must bow down to them.

Shame on you, Bravo TV.  Shame.

So it is with my fond memories of your early days, before things got ugly and out of control, that I say goodbye.

It's not me, it's you.

PS - I still may watch "Vanderpump Rules", though.  Those crazy kids don't know any better.

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