Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I Am From

TJ had a school assignment to write a poem about where he is from.  The writing is all his.  Please note that you don't see the word "autism" anywhere in his poem.  Is it possible that my dream for him, for a confident boy who lives and loves and laughs and grows like anyone else, is coming true?

I am from

I am from a white house with a back deck, a big fish tank and a messy room.

I am from video games and hot tubs, exotic fish in a saltwater tank and a wildlife encyclopedia.

I am from grandma and grandpa, Sean, Lauren and brother Peter.  Uncle Matt the doctor and Aunt Susan with cousins Jacob, Lilly, Minna and Lucas.

I am from Uncle Matt and Aunt Susan's barn that we visit in the summer.  From ducks, crayfish, water strikers, minnows and frogs.  From 4th of July barbecues and swimming in Countryside pool with my blue mask.

I am from Vermont apples, grilled burgers, no vegetables, ham that doesn't touch my bread and cookies and cake.  From getting my puppy, Sam, and visiting San Diego.

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