Thursday, April 16, 2015


When TJ was diagnosed with autism, almost 13 years ago, word on the street was that if your kid is diagnosed around age 2, then that's early.  Now, I think, kids are getting diagnosed as early as 14 months.  And the earlier you get a diagnosis the better, as with a diagnosis comes services, and the sooner the work begins, the sooner progress can begin.

As time progresses, more and more things change in our autism world.  For the better.

I feel like I come from the dark ages sometimes, as kids today are so technologically savvy.  I can get there, but have to work at it a little.  Not a lot, but definitely a little.

Anyway, I have been introduced to a new app for autism families.  It's an "In Case of Emergency" app, that houses all of the emergency information about your family member with autism, just in case.  

Now I have been a strong advocating voice for TJ forever, but knowing that he has a voice in the horrible case that I can't use mine?  Peace of mind does not even begin to express how this makes me feel.

It's called "ICE4Autism" and I'm thrilled it exists. My home page pic is shown here. Autism famies, you really should check it out.

What are some other apps you guys can recommend?  Anyone?  Anything?  Let me know!

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